The Dark Secret About Healing and Recovery

This book was created to provide an alternative to Rhonda Whatrne’s book “The Secret”. She overlooks a crucial point. It is a dark secret that keeps us from the joy we desire to find this.

My book can be described to be a combination of an inspirational guide and a self guide. It contributes to our understanding of the profession of Social Work as well as the new field of Life Coaching.

A happier and better life can be achieved if we choose the positive. This can be a challenge for us as well as our culture.

We live at a time of great opportunity, and great folly. America is still a beacon of hope and direction for the world. America continues its majestic beauty, endless prosperity, and abundant.

America stands before us, caught in the rhythmic beat of an automobile engine, embroiled in a war on freedom.

The sound of ambulances racing through your streets can be heard as you hear the sirens, and flashing lights. You should be aware of women who are at risk while you’re walking in parks around the city or jogging in parks nearby. Gunmen often attack young children in schools and airport terminals. Robbers prey on the unaware in subway stations and private residences as well as parking lots.

Many college-educated graduate can’t read and create, while many high school students aren’t able to find good jobs. A greater number of clergy leave their vows, and end up in court or prison. Half of all eligible voters have never voted.

Millions of people work hard for basic necessities like food, shelter, clothing and medical care. Nearly 44 million Americans don’t have any form of healthcare insurance. More than half the bankruptcy filings in America are caused by unmanageable health care costs. However, the laws passed by our political system make it difficult to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy.