Peru Ayahuasca – Explore Some Vital Details

Peru ayahuasca offers great healing and is open to all who wish to have the same experience. Ayahuasca retreats offer a powerful week of transformation, healing and renewal. For those who are unfamiliar with working with scared medicine, this retreat is a great introduction. It’s for people who desire to enjoy the profound benefits of working in ayahuasca, even if it costs nothing. The retreat is more than just a great experience for the earth. Over 50% of the retreat cost goes to organizations working to protect the Amazon rainforest’s amazing biodiversity. Visit our website and learn more about

Participating in Peru’s ayahuasca ceremony will ensure that you are able to cleanse yourself throughout the week using a wonderful combination of mud, plant medicines, and fruit baths.

These are just a few of the important aspects of the retreat.

Before ceremony, take a fully purifying and aromatic plant bath.

1 fruit bath
1 mud Bath
After ceremonies, integrate discussion
Orientation meeting on ayahuasca as well as the ceremonies
Transportation facility
Lodging and meals

The retreat center hosts generally four ayahuasca ceremony during this ceremony. It is a skewed plant brew that is used in medicine. Ayahuasca has been used for healing, divination and spiritual awakening for thousands of years by Amazonian cultures.

Additionally, ayahuasca works well for deep healing on all levels of your body, including spiritual, physical and mental. It is actually considered to be a portal to the inner world that allows people to access higher states of consciousness as well as the wonderful experience of spiritual awakening. It is possible to see the multi-dimensional nature in reality and yourself, and it can lead you back to who you really are.