6 Methods To Find A Divorce Attorney In Your Area

Statistics show that half of all marriages end up in divorce. Some marriages do not last. Legal representation can be found in many places. Here is a quick guide to where you can find a lawyer in divorce proceedings-more info!

1. Referrals for Friends of Family: It’s possible that a friend, colleague, or family member has gone through a divorce. These people can share their own experiences with the divorce lawyer they have used. Sometimes your friend, family member or neighbor might not fall under your jurisdiction. This could lead to different laws. It is always a good idea if you can get divorce advice from someone nearby.

2. Internet- Internet has become the fastest way for people today to find information. The internet provides a vast array of legal information including contact information for local divorce attorneys. Because search engines can provide you with detailed results, the internet is a good option. You can also connect to the internet with your cell phone. But, your soon-to be ex-spouse cannot see your entire history on your computer.

3. Listings from the Local Phone Book. A lot of licensed attorneys are listed in a local phone book or yellow page. You should be aware that not every advertisement is the right fit for your case. Before searching for a divorcing lawyer in the yellow pages, you should speak with several local attorneys. Some family law attorneys only offer adoption services. Look to determine if the focus of their practice is on divorce.

4. Bar Association – In many cities, there is a bar association. This is a great place to look for divorce attorneys. By calling them, they can help you connect with some top-quality local divorce lawyers. The association assures that the attorney holds all necessary licenses.

5. Local Law Schools: If you’re looking for a qualified divorce attorney but your budget is limited, local law schools might be worth a look. The discounted prices are available through their pro bono programs. They can also refer you to a Divorce attorney that meets your needs, even if they don’t qualify.

6. Legal Aid Services- This is an option for those with little or no income. You can find a local law aid society. Certain qualifications may be required to qualify for legal aid. Legal aid services are also available for financial hardship applicants. Many cities have pro-bono divorce attorneys that will accept cases.

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