Wi-Fi At The Church Could Induce A Mass Exodus Of The Congregation

Ok, so I go every other leap-year Easter Day to church, unless it’s raining in the US. Now, the last leap year Easter was that day find this. The weather was dry, the sun was so hot, I almost froze. And so, there I was, in the back row, not knowing any of these self-righteous people. I was hoping that an App existed for this so I could just watch the sunset on my iPhone. This app is sure to be a hit with someone in the App Lab.

I was very happy to get my holy blessed water free of charge, even though I noticed the bottled waters company had delivered it two days before. Wow, 2500 wafers! This will surely increase local sales at the Nabisco Cracker Company. Strangely enough, sitting in a back row of a church is fascinating because most of the younger generation aren’t listening. The pipe organ music is wonderful and I enjoy looking at the architecture. But what about those costumes? They make me think they are from a Hollywood “B”, low-budget movie. You should bring in the Vampires to play the evil theme. Let’s get this show going.

In fact, I noticed that my iPad was picking-up the Church Wi–Fi. There is also a school nearby. It was slow at times, but I knew why. The Wi Fi was slow because half the people were online updating their Facebook pages, sending pictures and even checking Netflix for a good movie. I was struck by how distracted young people are. The Wi-Fi available at the church would be a distraction from whatever they were trying to say about Easter.

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