Why It Is So Important To Build Relationships At Work

We depend on others, even if we manage two part-time employees or manage a large group, however, to be successful as managers jolasers. In most cases, a manager cannot do it alone in a business environment, be it commercial or service-driven, private, public or not for profit. There may be times when a free-standing entrepreneur thinks they can do it alone, but this is more rare than the others. This is because they work in isolation. Managers need their staff to perform at their best. Bottom line: People are greatly influenced by their interactions with line managers.

It is estimated that around 65% people quit their job due to how their immediate manager interacts with them. Therefore, any manager worth his salt will take note of this fact and make every effort to improve the relationship they have with employees. Some managers are able to connect with their staff naturally. They build a strong relationship with their people, almost without effort. They are people-oriented and have a natural ability to build relationships. It can be more challenging for others. In these cases, they may not know the root cause of their problems and find it difficult to identify what needs to be changed. It’s possible to identify disillusioned staff members who feel their manager is unapproachable or even unreasonable if you do a deeper investigation.

Both sides don’t know why but the manager suffers most in terms of performance while the employees suffer the most emotionally. This affects not only their work experience but also their larger life. While some people have the natural ability to build relationships, others can learn simple techniques that they can use and share with their colleagues. This will help them and their employees be more effective in managing their teams and will also improve their business performance. Even the simplest skills, such as listening well (as Dale Carnegie so beautifully describes in “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, a great classic), can make a huge difference. Managers won’t succeed if they don’t have good relationships with their staff members. But, if they do make an effort to build relationships with their employees, the rewards will be great for everyone.