Tips For Detailing Your Vehicle

When you first purchased your vehicle from the dealer go to my site, it was all shiny inside and outside. It’s dirty from daily usage and climbing into and out of it. How can you get your car back to its original state? There are many professional services you can use to detail your car and make it look new again. These professional services can however be costly. Everyone wants to save money today in this economy. Here are some tips to get the new car feeling again without spending your next month’s income.

First, gather your supplies. By having all your supplies in one location before you start, you can cut down on time spent detailing. A lot of cleaning cloths are required, along with some interior cleaner like Armor All, soft bristle brush cleaning brushes, a bucket for soapy and water, as well as a few paper towels, window cleaner, and cotton wipes such as Qtips. A trash bag, or trash can is also necessary to dispose of any used items after cleaning.

So now you have everything organized and in reach, it is time for the fun part: getting started. It is important to clear away all garbage from the vehicle before you begin. Once you have completed that step, you will want to move on to the most tedious part of your project. Clean all areas around the radio (ashtray), dash panel, ignition with the interior cleaner and Q-tips. You can’t remove dirt and dust from these areas with a quick wipedown. After cleaning that area, rinse the vehicle with mild soapy warm water. This cleans away dirt and grime from the car since it was purchased. Grab the vacuum and clean as much as you can, including the sunvisors, floors and ceilings.
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