Britax Advocate 70 CS Convertible Car Seat – The Best Child Car Seat Reviews

There are many options and it can be difficult to choose the right baby seat for your child. After reading and analysing a lot of information on the subject, here are my personal opinions and reviews about which baby seats are best for your child. Read more now on

The Britax Advocate 70CS Convertible Car Seat is a favorite of mine. This particular model is my choice for three reasons.

1) Britax is the best side impact technology company.

2) Steel bars reinforced with steel ensure that the frame is as strong as possible

3) It can support up to 40 pounds of weight in rear-facing position.

Britax is known for their commitment to safety. While other manufacturers may care less about safety, Britax takes safety a step further. It is their passion.

Their side impact technology advancements are state-of-the art. Side impact collisions are the most dangerous types of collisions. Their seats have the best way to handle the forces and stresses in side impact collisions. It is a marvellous system that you won’t have to see, but it will be something you will remember. The reinforced steel frame prevents the seat and frame from being bent or torquing during a crash, which will help to protect your child. That is the essence of it all. Protection from injury

These seats are also very comfortable for children. They are very comfortable and I have never heard of any complaints. The rear-facing option is safer for children under 40 pounds.

It is crucial to take all precautions to ensure the safety of your children. The Advocate 70 protects your children when they are being transported in a car.

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