Best Chef Knives – Three from Japan

This isn’t a Top Ten List. This list will help to explain the world and give you some ideas. Each knife is made from a different Japanese knifemaker. The prices range between $120 and $170. These knives will last at least 30 years. Don’t panic! click this link.

Global 7-inch Santoku

Global revolutionized the world of kitchen knives in the 1980s. Global launched a line if high-performance knives, which were stylish (forgive the pun) but also affordable. These knives are lightweight and have a razor sharp blade, just like traditional Japanese knives. But their blade design is more Western than Japanese. They can be called Japanese hybrids since they combine two traditional methods of knifemaking.

Global knives are the most modern and popular knife brands. They are 100% steel from tip to base, with the signature pebbledsteel handle. Global uses the proper amount of sand inside the hollow handle in order to balance it. Global knives don’t have to be forged. They are made from premium steel, which has been heat-treated and tempered to attain new levels in sophistication.

The G-48 is the ideal choice for anyone who values performance, but wants to be agile. Its santoku shape is short yet wide, allowing for easy use of a large knife (e.g. you can chop celery) without the bulky size. Global offers many choices of Western-styled chefs’ knives. G-2 or G-61 are great choices.

I am proud to own this santoku. Amazingly, it does!

MAC MTH80 – Professional Eight 8″ Chef Knife Featuring Dimples

MAC knives may be the best-kept secret in the consumer kitchen knife industry. Famous chefs such Charlie Trotter and Thomas Keller have extensive knowledge about MAC knives. They’re the best tool for cutting. You’re likely to not have heard of them.

These knives are Japanese designed and made. They may not be as sharp as Global knives but they are certainly more elegant. They’re not as well-machined and forged as Global.

The MTH-80 Professional has been MAC’s go-to tool. It is the most sharp knife for the price. MTH-80 Professional is a combination of a super-thin knife and an added weight. It feels more German-style. Gourmet Magazine describes MAC knives as “the difference in a small car from a big car.” Do you want to give it another spin?

Warning: Don’t mistake the MTH80Pro with the Chef Series 8 “Chef Knife with Dimples. This is a lower-level version, and can be purchased for as low $40.

Shun Classic 8-inch Chef Knife

Global and Shun may be the most famous and well-known Japanese brand in America. Shun Classic, their flagship product is easy to see. They are made in Seki Japan. Seki, together with Solingen Germany, is one of the top knife-making towns in the world.

Do not be fooled by the beautiful wavy pattern on the blade. It is not just a beautiful head. The edge is formed by a thin, solid core. It is sandwiched with 32 layers of soft steel with swirly patterns (16 per side). Rockwell 61 consists entirely of hardened steel. This makes it able to keep a 16° edge for a long period of time.

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